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As WeChat gained prominence as China's no.1 social media for a time it seemed like Weibo would almost become superfluous. But things have developed differently and Weibo remains hugely popular - and an highly important marketing channel. And compared to WeChat it is both easier and substantially cheaper to do promotion and advertisement on Weibo. In short: Any company approaching the Chinese market with seriousness should also consider if/how it should also utilise Weibo.

What we do exactly:

- Register your Weibo public account
- All configuration and design
- Marketing and storytelling
- Account promotion
- 24/7 trouble-shooting

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China at the centre of it all.

Shanghai Jungle was founded in 2013. The company is based in Shanghai and solely focused on helping western companies organisations and government agencies with their China marketing.

Our focus is mainly online marketing - but we also provide offline marketing, market research and related services. Our team consists of Chinese, German, Danish, Swedish and Czech nationals, which we believe enable us to both understand our clients and also the Chinese market. We currently serve more than 100 clients from 12 different countries.


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